Head, Hands and Heart Holiday Club...what is it?

Head, Hands and Heart Holiday Club is a unique experience that has been developed by Outdoor Education specialists, teachers, Forest School leaders and Growth Mindset experts.

But, “what is it?” I hear you say!!

Many holiday club experiences focus on a particular skill development; dance, football, cricket, horse riding, science etc. What makes Head, Hands Heart different is that we are particularly focused on wholesome holistic development. Our program is designed in a way that helps your child develop socially, physically, emotionally, spiritually and cognitively in a very supportive environment that is also great fun!

We have designed a program that combines a deep understanding of the well-being benefits of spending time outdoors, the natural drive children have to learn with nature, the importance of a strong and supportive community and the essential ability of understanding our own emotions and mental capabilities.

Our Holiday Club takes place in a specially selected school that provides access to indoor space that is connected to a small and beautiful woodland. Through a range of fun games and activities, your children will learn all about their emotions, how to recognize when they are afraid, worried or excited! They also begin to understand how being a member of a strong community that encourages positive risk-taking gives them the support and permission to try things outside of their comfort zone, things that they may not do in a place where they feel threatened or ‘afraid’ of looking silly! The woodland space then becomes a hub of activity for the children to really express themselves through a range of outdoor-based actives that include, nature art, shelter making, fire lighting, campfire cooking, tree climbing and tool use.

Some of our activities will provide your child with the opportunity to build and light their own fire, build a shelter, make their own tie-dye t-shirts and fire their own bow. The way we help them understand their own emotions and foster a supportive community will allow them to try new things outside of their comfort zone and our silliness and craziness will make it a fun-filled week that they’ll never forget!

Places for our next Head, Hands and Heart Holiday Club are available by following this link: https://www.communitree.co.uk/booking.